Super Crystal Red Grading

Super Crystal Red Shrimp are probably my longest living colony of shrimp. I started with CRS, then these, then PRL. I think my SCR colony is about 10 years old, I’m also lucky in the fact that I have several different lines, including the original, highly coveted ‘Cologne Line’.

SCR popularity seems to come and go with the most popular grade being the full red “Santa”. However, looking around at some of the quality of Santa grade being sold, they’re crap!

Irrelevant of white markings on the back, SCR should always have a full white face mask as shown below.

Super Crystal Red “Santa” High Grade | Super Crystal Red with poor face mask (Cull)

Anything less than a full white face and they should be going into the cull tank. Another ‘fault’ often found in these shrimp is in the tail. There should be four clearly distinguished white marks or dots, occasionally these shrimp fail to develop the two middle markings. Again, these should be moved to the cull tank.

High Grade “Santa” | Mid Grade One Stripe | Mid Grade Two Stripe | Low Grade
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