I Was Always An Ass Man Until I Saw The Legs On a Pure Red Line

Pure Red Line are my absolute favourite and I was really lucky to start with some good stock when I began breeding them.

Back in the early 2000’s, after I had been successful breeding CRS, I decided to import some high grade PRL from Crimson in Japan. They arrived just shy of breeding age and initially settled in really well.

A couple weeks after having them I started losing a couple. Feeding and water change routine was normal, there hadn’t been any temperature fluctuations. The deaths seemed really random. I then started getting a few deaths in other tanks.

Long story short, the membrane in my RO filter had gone and I had been doing water changes with Nitrate readings in the 40’s. I had initially imported 8 high grade PRL from Crimson, at this point I was down to one.

It took me a while to convince the wife to let me waste another mortgage payment on some shrimp. I promised “I won’t try having sex with you for 2 months if you let me get some more”, worryingly, she agreed with a smile on her face….

After two months of arm ache I got in touch with Kenji at Benibachi. He was keen to get his shrimp to Europe and I was even more enthusiastic about the chance of owning some. I ordered 10 high grade PRL and he ended up sending me the 10 high grade shrimp I ordered, plus a huge box of products and a bag of 30 culls. When I say culls, we’re talking some stunning shrimp in terms of the CRS available at the time in Europe.

I had some great success with these shrimp! With the high grades in one tank and the “culls” in another, it wasn’t long before I had a very healthy number of shrimp to select from.

For anyone who has owned Benibachi PRL you are well aware of the white colouring, its so thick and bright compared to other lines. The only downside was the red colouration on the shrimp, the shrimp looked great but the red was never thick or pronounced.

At this point I started looking around for breeders who focussed on the red colouring. Crimson were known for it but having already owned some, I can’t say the red was that deep. That being said, I was unknowingly poisoning them with Nitrates at the time.

I got in touch with Ebi Ten. Unfortunately he is no longer breeding but at the time Ebi Ten had a growing reputation in Asia. Famed for their thick blood red I imported a good sized group of mid grade Pure Red Line, they were perfect! The white was not overly impressive but the red was faultless, even on the mid grades.

I selected the best of the Benibachi to go along with the best of the Ebi Ten, I also threw in my lowly Crimson male just for good measure. And so it began, over the course of the next few years I started selecting the shrimp that had the best of both worlds, bright white with a deep blood red but heavily focussing on leg colouration.

Pure Red Line

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