That One Time I Cheated On My Reds Trying To Cure Blindness

Ok, so I’ve cheated a few times….

I used to have much more space and many more tanks, I had well over 20 varieties of shrimp at one point. I had so many tanks I was keeping certain varieties just to have them, not because I liked them.

These orange eye blue tigers fascinated me though. When they first come about rumours started circulating that the orange eye meant they were blind. I fell for this hook line and sinker! We have since learnt that this is not true though.

Nevertheless, I set about trying to cure blindness….

I didn’t want to start cross breeding with other Caridina species like Bee Shrimp so I got a wide variety of tiger shrimp to try and breed out the ‘blindness’. I thought it would be really special and rare to have Blue Tigers with normal eyes.

Already having some Red Tigers in my collection, I started out trying to cross with them. I set up a new tank with 4 or 5 female OEBT and a couple male red tigers. The first batch of babies were all Orange Eye Blue Tigers, poorly coloured but blue. All still blind too.

From this first set of babies (f1) I selected the darkest blue females and again crossed back to male red tigers. I kept this going for 4 or 5 generations and all i got was was ugly babies who were all blind. I think it was generation 6 that i started getting loads of Orange Eye Red Tigers.

What a cock up! I set out trying to remove the orange eyes from the gene pool and had inadvertently ended up creating a new variety of blind shrimp, gutted!

Whilst all of this was going on I heard of a breeder in Germany, Michael Nadal, who had some wild tigers. I set up the same ‘experiment’, female Orange Eye Blue Tigers and male Wild Type Tigers. Not learning from my first dumb attempt, same thing happened. Ended up with normal tigers, all blind……

I guess the moral of the story is, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing! I was so put off by creating more blind shrimp that I gave up. The shrimp lived out the rest of their days in my cull tank.

To my knowledge, as of writing this in 2020, there are only two breeders who have Blue Tigers with normal eyes. Michael in Germany and Nico in France. I could be wrong wrong though, I don’t suppose we have any here in the UK?

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