My Appearance In Breeders & Keepers Magazine

Back in 2013 i was approached by Chris Lukhaup to appear in Breeders & Keepers magazine. At the time the UK ‘shrimp scene’ was still growing, there was a hardcore group of us with some years of experience but the hobby as a whole was still in its infancy. I was always keen to promote the hobby within the UK so I was honoured to fly the flag when Chris asked me.

The whole process was well organised. Chris asked me to send him a few shrimp to photograph and he sent me a few test shots to see what I thought. To be honest, some of my favourite photos he took of my shrimp didn’t even make it into the magazine.

After the photos were chosen he sent me a list of questions. Nothing overly complexed, just asking my parameters, water change routine, feeding schedule etc. Reading the article back now its surprising how differently I do things almost 10 years later. I thought I knew everything back then but looking back I knew nothing. I guess I’ll look back at my knowledge now in another 10 years and realise I know nothing now either. That’s the joy of the hobby I guess, we are always learning.

It’s also interesting to see that my favourite shrimp types have not really changed much over the years. I still love my Pure Red Line and I’m still selectively breeding my Super Crystal Reds.

There was originally 3 volumes of Breeders & Keepers Magazine with myself appearing in volume 2. Rumour has it though….. A couple more volumes are in the pipeline. The original 3 volumes are pretty hard to find now so hopefully the new volumes spark some interest and the original 3 will be re-printed.

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